Some of you who have seen my -very- old art may recall that over a decade ago I drew this:
Well, a while ago I found myself wanting to remake one of my oldest pics for fun, and this one stood out to me, especially since I haven't drawn anything related to Spirited Away since then.
Come see the BROWN VERSION, as well as TEXTLESS VARIANTS, over on my Pixiv (https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3920873)


Today we've got another little personal project of mine. An animation edit of a scene from the season 3 finale of Rick and Morty. I've been itching to make this edit since the episode first aired, but, as if with the enlarging pic, didn't have the time til now.
See the original scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tfwORe-Y0g


And now back to the commissions again. This time we've got Raven enjoying a nice smushy seat on Starfire's face. What do you all suppose Starfire did to provoke this? After you finish enjoying this version, head on over to my Pixiv to see several variants of this pic, including brown-stained versions, and Raven in her white leotard! (https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3920873)


Hello, all! Well it's been almost a full month since my last art post, but we're back today with a personal project I've been wanting to do ever since I saw this episode of Rick and Morty first air! Poor Summer. I just can't leave her alone. After you finish enjoying this version, head on over to my Pixiv to see the brown-stained variant of this pic! (https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3920873)



We're back today with another commission. This time it's a bunch of ladies from Persona 4, who apparently have wildly ranging feelings about filling up their diapers. And I'd say at least one of them seems like my kind of people!



This is one I labored over real hard. I decided to use it as an opportunity both to test myself and to turn the commission into something of an advertisement, for the services I offer now (basic full color pics, variants, lots of attention to detail), as well as some experimental services I could offer going forward if people want them (fake comic book covers, pseudo-painterly shading, etc). What do you all think? Is there any aspect of this pic you'd like me to start specifically offering as a commission option? After you enjoy this version, make sure to head over to my Pixiv gallery (https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3920873) where you can see more than TWENTY different variants of Wondy!



I don't think that every-other-day streak is gonna come back folks, but I have plans in the works to MAKE it come back! While I work that plan out, here is another commission based on The Legend of Korra. It features the character Ikki wearing a dress worn by a character named Princess Amber from Sofia the First, who is voiced by the same actress as Ikki.



Damn, yall, I broke my posting streak hard. Oh well, just gotta start trying again. Today we've got a commission of the characters Jane and Roxy from 'Homestuck.' I haven't read it myself but they sure do make good fodder for diaper art! After you enjoy this version, make sure to visit my Pixiv gallery, where you'll get to see the brown-stained version of this comic. My Pixiv is: (https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3920873)



The every-2-days streak continues! Today we have the return of the Yo-Yo Girl from a commission in 2015! Looks like she has upped her yo-yo game since then, as well as her apparent need for diapers. Pee-yew! If you want to make sure you get the full experience of this pic, go check it out on my Pixiv (which contains both a clean AND a brown-stained variant)! My Pixiv is: (https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3920873)



Let's keep this "every other day" cycle going! Today we have a commission of Bulma and Videl from Dragon Ball. Looks like they had a race to the bathroom, and in the end they both lost. What do YOU think led to this unusual scenario?



Seems like I'm establishing a nice rhythm for posting these commissions now. Hopefully I can keep it up! Today we've got Star Sapphire from DC Superhero Girls, who has apparently been in this very full diaper for quite a long time.



Two posts in (almost) two days woooo! Today we've got, of course, another commission. And, of course, this one is not viewable on certain sites for a number of reasons. So if you want to make sure you get the full experience of it, make sure you view it either on Diaper Divas (which contains the full pic) or Pixiv (which contains a brown-stained variant)! My Pixiv is: (https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3920873)



Our fraudulent Black History Month celebration continues with another commission. This time it's an original character created for the game 'Diaper Quest' by Aika. This poor girl is actually an immortal statue in her wealthy owner's garden, stuck there forever with water jetting into her mouth, receiving only the occasional diaper change. Check my Pixiv (and make sure you have an account showing that you're over 18) to see a few variants of this pic, including what our little statue looks like when her diaper is all soaked! (https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3920873)



Welcome to February, folks! Once again it's time for me to attempt to pass off my most recent commission as some kind of tie-in to a current holiday. With that said, what better way to kick off Black History Month than with.....uhh Vados from Dragon Ball Super!



Hold it right there, January! You're not gettin away without at least one pic from me! This one is a commission of Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.



Happy new year, everyone! We're gonna ring in the new year with our very first pic of 2018 - a commission of Bulma from Dragon Ball Super, seeming a little bit nervous about the Tournament of Power. She sure does maintain her composure well. After you enjoy this version, hop on over to my Pixiv to see a version where she's wearing only the diaper!



Hope everyone had a merry Christmas! Here's my little belated Christmas present to all of you - this Futurama commission! After you enjoy it here, head over to my Pixiv to see topless and stained/leaking variants of the pic!



Here's something neat: my first furry commission in quite a while! It features Nyanma and Tart from the show 'Eto Rangers.' Enjoy it, then hop on over to my Pixiv to see a messy variant of it with different dialogue!



Today's commission features yet another appearance from some Legend of Korra characters. In my personal opinion, those two simple words on that fluffy diaper butt may be among history's greatest artistic masterpieces.

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